The mission of GRA’s Education Committee is to perform educational outreach activities to improve and increase collaboration between the applied and academic groundwater communities. 


Our initiatives include:



Current Education Committee Members: 

Lisa O’Boyle, Co-Chair, Geosyntec
Wes Miliband, Co-Chair, Stoel Rives LLP
Sarah Beganskas, student, UC Santa Cruz
Thomas Harter, Dept of Land, Air, and Water Resources, University of California, Davis
Michael Harrison, student, Cal State Los Angeles
John Karachewski, Cal EPA, DTSC
Vicki Kretsineer, Luhdorff & Scalmanini, Consulting Engineers
Richard Laton, California State University, Fullerton
Brian Lewis, CalEPA, DTSC
Daniel Morris, student, CSU Fullerton, and intern, Water Replenishment District
Paul Parmentier, The Source Group, lnc.
Pavithra Prakash, post-doc, UC Davis
Robert Stollar, Groundwater Consultant
Stephanie Urióstegui, PhD, Dept of Earth Science, UC Santa Barbara
Brett Wyckoff, Department of Water Resources


Have questions or ideas? Contact Lisa O’Boyle, Co-Chair, Geosyntec.