The Groundwater Resources Association of California is dedicated to resource management that protects and improves groundwater supply and quality through education and technical leadership.

  • Promote professional development of scientists, engineers, and others involved in the assessment, development, quality and management of the state's groundwater resources
  • Help formulate statewide policy on the development, management, and protection of the state's groundwater resources, soil and groundwater remediation, and environmental assessments
  • Disseminate scientific and technical information among GRA members and those who influence policy development concerning groundwater resources
  • Develop scientific educational programs that promote the understanding and implementation of groundwater assessment, protection, and management
  • Facilitate the development of alternative technologies and standardization of methods to advance investigation, management, and protection of California's groundwater resources
  • Develop a pro-active role with the legislature as an authority on technical groundwater issues.
  • The Groundwater Resources Association assumes a leadership role in communicating the needs and values of our industry to government officials and the public. Through GRA you can help influence the future groundwater policy of the State of California.