Presented by:

David Pyne, ASR Systems LLC, Gainesville, Florida


The objective of this workshop is to provide each attendee with a practical understanding of the technical, scientific and other issues associated with ASR, and their solutions.  This will include a recommended, phased approach to well recharge projects to ensure their success.


This workshop will walk you through the key technical issues, performance considerations, and scientific considerations that successful ASR applications have encountered to achieve reliable and sustainable water supplies.  Using audience examples and participation along with selected case studies, you will learn about the following:

  • How to identify and resolve the technical issues related to ASR well, wellhead and wellfield design and operation.
  • Recognize the practical considerations such as the target storage volume; recovery efficiency; well clogging and redevelopment; monitor wells and water quality issues.
  • Understand the scientific considerations such as aquifer hydraulics, mobilization and attenuation of selected water quality constituents, and associated geochemistry. 
  • Learn about the wide variety of ASR applications, plus recent developments and technical/scientific advances.
  • A recommended approach to ASR project development to achieve success
  • Typical legal and regulatory issues and solutions
  • ASR economic considerations
  • Achieving water supply reliability and sustainability with ASR

Selected case studies will be presented, illustrating these technical and scientific issues.  Audience active participation is encouraged.


Powerpoint presentations; discussions; questions and answers; case studies illustrating key technical and scientific issues and solutions; handouts on flash drives containing references, papers, presentation materials.  Attendees often bring their own personal experiences dealing with some of these issues, providing an excellent opportunity to stimulate discussion.