Carl Hauge

Carl Hauge (Southern California)

Former Chief Hydrogeologist
Department of Water Resources

Groundwater – Past, Present, and Future


Carl rapidly and succinctly discussed numerous issues relating to groundwater. He spoke about actions in the past that have affected groundwater management in California for the past century, and other issues relating to groundwater that have been overlooked. Do other states manage their groundwater better than California? As Carl suggested, that may be an open question. Groundwater substitution will affect stream flow in the Sacramento Valley over the long term, i.e., years or decades. Can streamflow depletion be predicted, quantified and controlled? Why is the hyporheic zone important? And why are landowners allowed to pump groundwater even when such pumping causes subsidence? The severe drought and recent legislation have publicized the need for better management of groundwater but are those actions enough? Does your basin have a water budget? Carl's lecture tour concluded just after the signing of California's three groundwater bills, which created a framework for sustainable, local groundwater management for the first time in the state's history. The implication of this new legislation was discussed in Carl's final lecture.


Mr. Hauge is a registered geologist and a certified engineering geologist, retired from his position of Chief Hydrogeologist for the Department of Water Resources, Sacramento (DWR). His service with DWR included work on groundwater, land subsidence, water manage¬ment, proposed dam site evaluation, data management and well standard projects statewide. He has also worked on timber harvest practices and stream protection with the Department of Forestry and Fire Control and the State Board of Forestry. In addition, his contributions include work on earthquake studies and urban geology as well as service as editor for the monthly magazine California Geology with the California Geological Survey. During Mr. Hauge's career, he has had involvement as an active member of the Association of California Water Agency's Groundwater Committee, the California Groundwater Association from which he received the Jeremy C. Wire Technical Person of Merit of the Year Award, and the Groundwater Resources Association of California from which he received the 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award. He has spoken at numerous symposia and conferences throughout the state.