GRA's Contemporary Groundwater Issues Council is a distinguished group of groundwater leaders to identify and discuss key groundwater issues in California while also providing critical advice and feedback to GRA on its wide array of educational, extension, and legislative outreach programs. The Council's input is also being considered during the planning and formulation of the program for the Biennial Groundwater Conference and GRA Annual Meetings. The Council complements the roles of GRA's Board of Directors and GRA's Committees by providing external input from groundwater leaders around the state on key ongoing or future groundwater-related issues, challenges, and opportunities.

The Council helps GRA to meet the needs of the state's water stakeholders in providing opportunities, e.g., water forums, workshops, conferences, to share experiences with and potential solutions to the state's most pressing groundwater issues.

Council members include a select group of executives and leaders from a range of disciplines and backgrounds at the local, state, and national level representing regulatory agencies, research and educational institutions, NGOs, water users, the public at large, and consultants sharing a common interest in the management, protection, and use of groundwater resources in California.

SAVE THE DATE May 23, 2019

 Please email if you have any questions. We also encourage suggestions for next year’s Council Workshop. 

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Council Co-Chairs

Vicki Kretsinger Grabert, Luhdorff & Scalmanini, Consulting Engineers, GRA Director Emeritus
Thomas Harter, University of California Davis, GRA Director
Tim Parker, Parker Groundwater, GRA Director