Northern Sacramento Valley Branch Meeting

The Northern Sacramento Valley Branch is pleased to present:

Application of Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy to Groundwater Studies


The subsurface provides the greatest uncertainty when addressing complex contaminated groundwater sites. “It’s dark down there” and the data from boring logs represent only a small fraction of the subsurface and do not present a complete picture. To increase our understanding of the subsurface, Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy (ESS) is an established methodology that focuses on:

  1. A critical understanding of the sedimentary depositional environment,
  2. formatting of lithology data to emphasize vertical grain-size distribution, and
  3. a stratigrapher’s knowledge of facies models and related grain-size pattern recognition.

These components result in an interpretation and prediction of the geology between and beyond boring log data that significantly reduces the uncertainty and provides the framework for characterizing groundwater conditions. ESS has been endorsed by US EPA and US Air Force (AFCEC) as an emerging best practice for complex contaminated groundwater site and is also applicable to groundwater basin analysis.  We have co-authored a technical issue paper with US EPA (scheduled to be published in 2017) that presents several case studies that show the efficacy of ESS as a critical path to complex site investigation and remediation. The methodology has been successfully applied at numerous complex contaminated groundwater sites throughout the US, including over 20 US Air Force facilities as well as Army and Navy facilities. The result is an improved site management strategy that saves money.

Speaker Bios:

Rick Cramer
Burns & McDonnell Environmental Technologies Manager in Brea, California: California licensed Professional Geologist (PG) with over 25 years of environmental experience.  He holds a BS degree in geology from University of the Pacific and a MS degree in geology from University of California, Davis. He began his professional career in the petroleum industry, and pioneered the application of sequence stratigraphy to groundwater contamination projects.

Mike Shultz
Burns & McDonnell Senior Geologist and Stratigrapher in Concord, California: His education and career have focused on understanding subsurface geologic conditions and prediction of fluid flow. He has over ten years of experience as a reservoir geologist with Chevron Corporation and Occidental Petroleum Corporation, and over five years applying petroleum industry best practices of facies models and sequence stratigraphy to groundwater remediation. Dr. Shultz holds a BS in Geology from Purdue University and a PhD in Geology from Stanford University.


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Thu, Sept. 14, 2017
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