The Sacramento Branch is pleased to present:

Reflections on Stream Depletion....Staying on Course

Deborah Hathaway, P.E.
S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc.


Stream depletion assessment is critical in developing plans for sustainable groundwater management, necessary to avoid adverse impacts to other users and the environment. Measurement, monitoring and modeling... these are the topics of research, analysis and debate.  These will yield the results that will govern groundwater management, and potentially, will spark litigation. Managers must navigate a turbulent and foggy sea of information, aiming to stay on course towards practical solutions for satisfying fundamental water needs. Focus on fundamentals provides clarity, with complexity reserved for special and articulated purposes. Historical perspective is useful in this process, as are state-of-the art groundwater models and user interfaces for practical understanding of key processes.  Stream depletion concepts and an interactive analysis approach are illustrated with a screening-level assessment of hypothetical groundwater management actions for the Scott Valley in Siskiyou County.


Ms. Hathaway is a hydrologist with expertise in regional water planning, groundwater model development, groundwater-surface water interactions, groundwater sustainability evaluations, and groundwater quality.  Ms. Hathaway, Vice-President of S.S. Papadopulos & Associates, Inc., opened the Western office of S.S. Papadopulos & Associates in Boulder, Colorado, in 1994.  Ms. Hathaway has worked on stream depletion analyses since 1982, when she worked with New Mexico State Engineer Steve Reynolds in evaluating the effects of groundwater appropriation and transfer on inter-connected streams.




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