Southern California Branch Meeting - 20-Years of CSUF Research From Mojave to the Ocean


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20-Years of CSUF Research
From Mojave to the Ocean


Presentation by:

W. Richard Layton, PH.D., PG, CHg

Associate Professor of Hydrogeology
California State University, Fullerton



Over the past two decades, Dr. W. Richard Laton has guided over 100 California State University, Fullerton students in research projects required for graduation.  The students have been seeking both graduate and undergraduate degrees in the departments of Geology and Environmental Studies.   Dr. Laton’s students have worked their way from the outskirts of the Mojave Desert to the Pacific Ocean and from Mexico to Bakersfield.  Dozens of the students have done their research on projects in northern Orange County, specifically in and around the CSUF campus.  Their varied research agendas have ranged from geology, stratigraphy, fate and contaminant transport, to aquifer characterization, modeling, and exploring society’s desire for more water.  During this span of time, the students have provided an invaluable set of new data and understanding of the geological and hydrogeological systems in the region.  We will explore this range of student work that has expanded our database and knowledge of the geology, ecology, hydrology and hydrogeology of California.


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Mon, May 21, 2018
6:15 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


Orange County Water District
18700 Ward Street
Fountain Valley, California 92708