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"Vertical Flow, Faults and MODFLOW - Groundwater Model Development for the Oxnard Coastal Plain"

 Presented By:

Dr. Jason Sun, PE 
United Water Conservation District 


John Lindquist, PG, CHG 
United Water Conservation District 



The severe drought from 2012 through 2015 has caused groundwater levels to reach historic lows in coastal Ventura County, California. The recent drought is part of a repeated pattern in Ventura County, similar to the rest of southern California. United Water Conservation District (UWCD), the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency (FCGMA), and other agencies tasked with management of the groundwater basins of the Santa Clara River Valley and the Oxnard Plain of Ventura County (“study area”) have wrestled with groundwater sustainability for many decades. The variable duration and magnitude of recurring wet and dry periods underscores the importance of planning groundwater management. Prior to the promulgation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in 2014, UWCD and FCGMA recognized the importance of a detailed groundwater model to their missions.  As a result, UWCD has developed a detailed groundwater flow model to simulate aquifer-specific heads within each of the sub-basins in the current study area (the Oxnard Plain, Pleasant Valley, and Mound basins).

The hydrostratigraphy and relevant structural geology underlying the Oxnard Coastal Plain reveal that there are 13 principal hydrostratigraphic units: 7 aquifers and 6 aquitard layers. The upper aquifer system (UAS) includes three aquifers: the semi-perched, Oxnard and Mugu Aquifers. The lower aquifer system (LAS) includes four aquifers: the Hueneme, main (upper) Fox Canyon, basal Fox Canyon, and Grimes Canyon Aquifers. The UWCD model treats all 7 aquifers and 6 aquitards as individual model layers. The groundwater model uses the time period from January 1985 to December 2012 for model calibration and the time period from January 2013 to December 2015 for model validation. This calibrated groundwater model characterizes flow both between aquifers within the individual sub-basins and between the sub-basins, providing insight into the complex interaction of the regional groundwater flow. The model has been used by UWCD to evaluate travel times and distances for recharge of recycled water, and to evaluate impacts on groundwater supply resulting from a range of potential future operational scenarios for surface water diversions from the Santa Clara River.



Dr. Jason Sun is the senior groundwater modeler at United Water Conservation District. Dr. Sun is a Professional Engineer and earned his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior joining UWCD, Dr. Sun had 15 years of experience working for consulting firms on groundwater related projects ranging from remediation, water resources to litigation.   At UWCD, Dr. Sun’s emphasis has been on the construction and calibration of a new groundwater flow model that ultimately will encompass the groundwater basins along the Santa Clara River, the Oxnard Plain, and the West Las Posas basin.

John Lindquist has been a Senior Hydrogeologist for the United Water Conservation District in western Ventura County since June 2015, and is a California Professional Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist.  He holds a BS degree in Geology from CSU Northridge, and a MS degree in Geosciences (with an emphasis in Geohydrology) from the University of Arizona.  His career began with a focus on modeling of groundwater supply and recharge projects in Arizona and Chile, and subsequently expanded to include groundwater contamination and remediation projects in southern California and Turkey.  John’s recent work at United has been focused on planning for implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in the groundwater basins of the Oxnard coastal plain, and evaluation of potential impacts on groundwater supply and quality resulting from potential changes in volume of surface water applied in the region and planned introduction of recycled water at United’s spreading grounds.


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