2017 Conference and 26th Annual Meeting

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2017 Groundwater Law Workshop

October 2, 2017

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 This program is approved for 10.25 hours of REHS Credits.

Sustainable groundwater management in priority basins throughout California takes a significant step forward with the formation of Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs). Beginning in January 2015, with implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), and continuing through to the June 30, 2017 deadline, GSAs are forming and filing notices with the Department of Water Resources. Collaboration and innovation by GSAs and stakeholders is crucial for the development of Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) in priority basins.  But how do GSAs identify, organize and use data?  How do GSAs work through complex and competing land use plans and water demands, and financial and legal requirements?  What kinds of projects will fulfill SGMA’s requirements to achieve sustainability?  The GSAs, and the GSPs they develop and implement, will shape the future of California's groundwater. This year’s conference will explore these and other questions related to the sustainable management of groundwater in California.

Enhancing and protecting groundwater quality through investigation and cleanup at site- to basin-scale is also critical to groundwater sustainability. The conference will highlight innovative approaches and technologies for remediation of groundwater contamination, and ongoing and emerging water quality issues. Topics will include innovative methods for site characterization; advances in site remediation, including green and sustainable remediation practices; and contaminant trends and site-cleanup objectives. The development and use of advanced tools for assessing and monitoring complex sites, remediation techniques and analyses will be discussed. Information from the academic, regulatory, and environmental consulting communities will be presented on new technologies, applications and policies affecting restoration and management of sites with groundwater quality impacts.

GRA's 2017 Conference and 26th Annual Meeting will provide policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and educators the opportunity to learn about current policies, regulations and technical challenges affecting the protection, use and management of groundwater in California. Attendees will learn from real world successful case studies on groundwater management, replenishment and recharge, and groundwater protection and remediation, and will walk away with concepts and solutions that can be applied to their local projects and groundwater management issues.

The two-day conference will feature a plenary session, two to three concurrent technical sessions, lunch presentations, GRA's 2017 Northern and Southern California David Keith Todd Lecturers, the Collegiate Colloquium, panel(s) of industry leaders, GRA President's Reception, exhibit hall, and poster presentations. Featured sessions and topics for podium and poster presentations include:

SGMA Data Gathering and Management
o    Data Sources and Monitoring Networks
o    Data Management and Software
o    Identifying and Addressing Data Gaps
o    Data Quality and Standardization
o    Subsidence Monitoring
o    Implementation of BMPs

SGMA Planning
o    Preparing GSPs: New or Converting Existing Plans
o    Land Use Planning and Integration
o    Integrating SGMA with Existing Regulations and Plans
o    Cooperative Agreements and MOUs for GSPs
o    Stakeholder Outreach and Collaboration
o    Capital Improvement Programs/Management Actions
o    Demand Management
o    Incorporating and Implementing Low-Impact Design (LID) Principles
o    Development of Sustainable Management Criteria
o    Risk Assessments for SGMA Project Prioritization

SGMA Modeling and Other Tools
o    New and Updated Tools and Applications for SGMA
o    Regional- and Local-Scale Modeling Advances
o    Assessment of Interconnected Subbasins, and Model Selection
o    Developing Water Budgets: Tools and Case Studies
o    Integration of Climate Change

Groundwater Replenishment / Recharge
o    Challenges and Successes of Operating Recharge Systems
o    Legal, Policy, and Regulatory Compliance
o    Stormwater Capture and Recharge
o    Conjunctive Use
o    Recharge with Treated Water
o    Advances in Recharge Estimation

Tools for Visualization and Analysis
o    GIS for Presentation and Spatial Analysis
o    Prediction and Visualization Software
o    Tools for Assessing Groundwater Recharge Potential
o    3D Hydrogeologic Modeling

Surface Water/Groundwater Interactions and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems
o    Assessing Adverse Impacts from Streamflow Depletion
o    Monitoring Surface Water/Groundwater Interactions
o    Ecological Needs Related to Groundwater
o    Legal, Policy, and Regulatory Compliance

Advances in Site Remediation  

o    Nanoparticle Injection
o    Thermally Enhanced Remediation
o    Emerging Innovative Technologies
o    Addressing Matrix Diffusion
o    Green and Sustainable Remediation
o    Remediation Management of Complex Sites
o    Constructed Treatment Wetlands
o    Case Studies

Contaminant Trends and Site Cleanup Objectives
o    Contaminant Migration into Indoor Air (Vapor Intrusion)
o    Emerging Contaminants
o    Contaminant Leaching to Groundwater
o    Low-Threat Closure Policy – Goals and Status
o    LNAPL/Petroleum Hydrocarbons
o    Remediation Performance Monitoring
o    Strategies for Long-Term Legacy Site Management
o    Hydraulic Fracturing
o    Perspectives on Aquifer Exemptions

Innovative Site Characterization Methods
o    Sensors for Continuous Monitoring of Water
o    Applications of Geophysics
o    Subsurface Visualization Tools
o    Advanced Hydrogeologic Analysis
o    Environmental Forensics
o    Mass Flux and Mass Discharge

Regional Water Quality Issues
o    Salt and Nutrient Management
o    Agricultural Practices and Innovations
o    Upcoming Changes in Groundwater Policy

Collegiate Groundwater Colloquium:

GRA seeks to increase participation by university and college students in its events. The Collegiate Groundwater Colloquium is a venue for student presentations in the general areas of the conference theme. The colloquium and reception provide students with an excellent opportunity to showcase their research, and attendees an opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art groundwater science and engineering. For more information, including student scholarship opportunities, please contact Dr. Jean Moran at jean.moran@csueastbay.edu.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities:

If you are interested in being a sponsor or exhibitor please register online or contact us at conference@grac.org or by telephone - Sarah Kline (916) 446-3626

Cancellation Policy:

Event registration may be cancelled and fees refunded until September 18, 2017. No fees will be refunded after September 18, 2017. Please submit your cancellation request in writing to office@grac.org

Additional Information:

For additional conference information, please contact Sarah Kline at skline@grac.org (916-446-3626) or Jim Strandberg at jstrandberg@westyost.com (925-949-5825). 

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By now you know the value of GRA event attendance for keeping up with evolving industry priorities, state-of-the-practice technologies, and emerging strategies for the challenges facing the groundwater world. In addition, GRA events offer fantastic opportunities for networking, learning from vendors exhibiting the latest tools and technologies, and exposure for your organization.

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Tue, Oct. 3 - Wed, Oct. 4, 2017
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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