GSP Preparation Workshop: Turning Theory, Fear and Loathing into Sustainable Success

Steven Springhorn, DWR              

Adam Hutchinson, OCWD                         

First Annual Groundwater Sustainability Agency Summit


Bill Blomquist, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Tara Moran, Stanford Water in the West and Anita Milman, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Salinas Valley Basin GSA - Gary Petersen, General Manager

Mid-Kaweah GSA – Paul Hendrix, Manager 

Adaptive Management - Operating under Unknowns

Thomas Harter, University of California, Davis

Butte County Water and Resource Conservation - Paul Gosselin, Director

Ventura County – Tony Morgan, SGMA Consultant

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District - Bob Tincher, Deputy General Manager - Resources

Orange County Water District – Adam Hutchinson, Recharge Planning Manager

Stakeholder Involvement and Community Engagement

Dave Ceppos, CSUS Center for Collaborative Policy – SGMA Requirements and Statewide View for Stakeholder Engagement at the Local Level

Intra- and Inter-Basin Coordination

Kern Groundwater Authority – Terry Erlewine – Sharing a basin water budget – what’s at stake?

Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency – Kim Loeb – Coordination before and after SGMA

San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority – Andrew Garcia – Coordination of the many in the subbasin

Sustainability Criteria

Napa County Alternative Plan - Vicki Kretsinger, Luhdorf & Scalmanini – groundwater-surface water interaction sustainability criteria

Connecting Land Use and SGMA - County and City Roles

Tara Moran, Stanford Water in the West – Findings from the “Uncommon Dialogue: Fostering Meaningful Coordination Between Land Use Planning & Groundwater Management Under SGMA

Stanislaus County – Walt Ward, Water Resources Manager

Kern County - Lorelei Oviatt, Director of Planning and Natural Resources

Water Markets and SGMA

Moderator: Ellen Hanak, Water Policy Center Director and Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California