Job Information

  • Description:

    Trinity Source Group, Inc. (Trinity) provides environmental consulting and remediation services
    throughout California. Trinity is a small company, has been in business for over 12 years, and is located
    in Santa Cruz, California.

    Trinity is seeking a staff Geologist to support projects involving soil, groundwater, and/or soil vapor
    assessment and/or remediation. The candidate will work in a close‐knit project team, and will have a
    wide variety of assigned tasks, including both office and field activities. Short‐term travel may be

    Employees are subject to a pre‐employment background check, must have a clean driving record, and
    must be willing to take a pre‐employment drug test.

  • Location: Santa Cruz Ca
  • Starts On: April 17, 2018, 10:02 a.m.

Job Requirements

  • Experience:

    Field activities may include: 
    * Overseeing and implementing site assessment and remedial activities of various types 
    * Overseeing soil excavations and underground tank removals 
    * Conducting operations and maintenance on remediation systems 
    * Supporting site investigation activities including soil sample logging and preservation 
    * Soil, groundwater, and soil vapor sample collection, logging, and preservation 
    * Properly containerizing and disposing of investigation‐derived wastes  
    * Maintaining site organization and cleanliness during field activities 

  • Skills:

    Desired Skills: 

    * Knowledge of California environmental regulations 
    * 1 year or more of related experience is desirable, but entry‐level candidates will be considered 
    * Sufficient background in math, chemistry and physics to apply knowledge to 
    environmental remediation 
    * Data management, including facility with Microsoft Excel and Access 
    * Microsoft Word operation for report preparation and editing 
    * CAD and GIS skills are a plus 
    * Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
    * Heavy equipment experience 
    * Ability to work effectively within small project teams 
    * Ability to produce quality work products on time and within assigned budgets 
    * Eagerness to learn new things 
    * 40‐Hour HAZWOPER training is desired, but will be provided if necessary

  • Computer Skills:

    Office activities may include: 

    *Preparation of various reports (or portions thereof), including site assessment, 
    remediation implementation, operations and maintenance, remedial progress, and 
    * Compilation of field‐generated geologic, hydrogeologic, and laboratory data into 
    tables, maps, cross‐sections, etc. 
    * Drafting soil boring logs 
    * Checking work products for accuracy 
    * Uploading site data and completed reports to State databases 
    * Preparing Health and Safety Plans and Job Hazard Analyses for field work 
    * Evaluation of site geologic and chemical data to determine project next steps 
    * Preparation of work plans for site assessment 
    * Liaison with permitting agencies to secure permits for site work (well installation, 
    street encroachment, tank removal, etc.) 
    * Liaison with analytical laboratories to arrange delivery and appropriate lab analysis of 
    * Liaison with various subcontractors (drillers, surveyors, etc.) to schedule and oversee 
    site activities. 
    * Preparation of cost estimates for site assessment, remediation, and related activities 
    * Liaison with regulatory agencies and clients

  • Education Required:

    * BS degree in Geology 

Company Information

  • Trinity Source Group
    119 Encinel Dr.
    Santa Cruz CA 95060
    United States of America

Contact Information

  • Stephanie Robello/ Mindi Lawrence
    Phone: (831) 426-5600
    Fax: 831 426 5602
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