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    If you are joining or renewing as part of an organizational/corporate group membership, please click here to find your group and fill out your application.


    Notes on Membership:

    • If you are joining GRA after March 31, your dues to renew for the following year will be reduced on a quarterly basis. Click here for details about quarterly prorating of renewal dues.
    • Pursuant to the 1993 Federal Tax Act, it is estimated that 33% of GRA's annual dues will be used to support GRA's California direct lobbying effort. Therefore, this portion of your GRA dues may be considered non-deductible for tax purposes.
    • To facilitate the free exchange of information between and among its membership and the education of the public at large, GRA may make a member’s name, place of business and address (“Member Contact Information”) available to GRA members and non-members alike. GRA discourages the use of Member Contact Information for solicitation purposes and reserves the sole discretion to deny any request for information about one or more of its members not reasonably related to the interests of the GRA and its members.

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