Thank you for your continued participation in GRA!

You'll be sent email reminders with a link to renew your membership. If you don't receive your renewal email, please follow the directions below to renew.

You have access to renew your membership for next year starting December 1st.


Individual Members - Renewal Instructions:

1. Click the link at the bottom of the page that will take you to your profile.


2. If you are eligible to renew your membership, you will see the following link after logging in:

graphic representing renew membership


3. Click "Renew your membership now" and fill out the resulting form to renew your membership.


Organization/Voting Corporate - Renewal Instructions:

To renew your Organization/Corporation's membership, login to the website via the link below.

Navigate to your corporate membership in the dropdown bar at the top of the page.


After you click into the corporation, if you are eligible to renew your membership, you will see a link to renew.




Please note that only your "Corporate Member Representative" or "Billing Representative" will have access to renew your membership.


If you have any trouble with membership renewal, please contact us



What if I am unsure what type of membership I currently have?

If you are unsure if you are a corporate member or individual member, you can view the details of each different type of membership here



What if I am trying to renew a corporate membership but I don't see the link for "My Corp Membership" under my dropdown?

If you don't see this link, then you are not listed as the designated membership or billing rep for your organization. Please contact us to update your permissions.