The Sacramento Branch is off to a productive start in 2017! A new slate of Branch Officers was voted on, is in place, and they held their first Officer’s Meeting of the new year. The first several months of 2017 Branch Meeting speakers are confirmed. The Branch will continue to meet in Sacramento at the Aviators restaurant, and will hold one or two meetings at other locations, such as the annual on-campus meeting at Sac State (held each spring). The long-standing tradition of a joint Holiday meeting with the Sacramento Section of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists continued last December, and included a voluntary gift exchange among company and individual donors.

Under the chipper leadership of new Branch President Linda Bond, of DWR, a member survey was recently completed. The members’ responses were numerous (at least 50 as of this writing!), and were varied and detailed. Perhaps the high-quality responses are not surprising knowing the passion and dedication to their respective fields of practice displayed by so many GRA members! The Branch Officers have already preliminarily reviewed the survey responses, with in-depth considerations to follow. Rest assured the Branch Officers are strongly committed to pursuing as many of the suggested speakers and/or topics as we possibly can. The Branch remains fiscally solid, which allows us to help offset any costs of bringing in quality speakers. Most speakers give freely of their time, but those who travel nationally sometimes request travel assistance. The Branch Officers at their first 2017 meeting certainly sense that nearly everyone is busy in their jobs, often doing ‘more with less,’ and we are all expecting the new year to be prosperous.


Questions about the meeting or to contact the Sacramento Branch in general, including submittal of your ideas and/or desires for future presentations, please telephone Rodney Fricke at 916-407-8539 or email at


All Proceeds to Benefit Science Students
GRA Sacramento Branch has a history of supporting university-level science students. Our Scholastic Sponsorship Program is an opportunity to publicize your business while contributing toward a good cause. The cost is minimal; if interested, please contact Michael Bombard at 916-514-4458. 

Branch Officers

  • Linda D. Bond


    Linda D. Bond

    Department of Water Resources
    901 P Street, Room 213A
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Tel: 916-651-9224
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  • Ellen Pyatt

    Vice President

    Kent E. Parrish

    Wood plc.
    Tel: 916-853-8902
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  • Rodney Fricke


    Rodney Fricke

    GEI Consultants
    2868 Prospect Park Drive, Suite 400
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
    Tel: 916-341-9138
    Fax: 916-631-4501
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  • David Von Aspern


    David Von Aspern

    Sacramento County EMD
    10590 Armstrong Ave.
    Mather, CA 95655
    Tel: 916-875-8467
    Fax: 916-875-8513
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  • Scott Furnas


    Scott Furnas

    California Laboratory Services
    3249 Fitzgerald Rd.
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
    Tel: 800-638-7301 Ext. 102
    Fax: 916-638-4510
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  • Chris Bonds


    Chris Bonds

    CA Department of Water Resources
    901 P Street, Room 213A
    Sacramento, CA 95814
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  • Members-at-Large

    Pat Dunn

    2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 300
    Sacramento, CA 95833
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  • Members-at-Large

    Michael Bombard

    3831 N. Freeway Blvd. Suite 220
    Sacramento, CA 95384
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Upcoming Events

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  • Sacramento Branch Meeting- The Future of Water: Data or Instincts?
    August 8, 2018 - 5:30 p.m.