Defining recharge site goals and criteria for selecting optimum recharge sites
Phased approach to site characterization and site selection
Characterization to define site specific recharge characteristics
Design, Construction and Operation of recharge basin considerations

Review of Important Hydraulic Processes

Hydraulic properties of porous media
Movement of vadose zone water and groundwater
Hydraulic parameter scaling and other measurement effects
The pyramid approach for representative sample collection

Potential Site Screening

Use of existing data and GIS tools to select short list of potential sites
Geomorphologic and surface soils analyses
Technical and non-technical ranking criteria

Phase I Site Characterization - Near-surface Methods

Test pits and representative sampling
Small- and intermediate-scale infiltration tests
Integration of laboratory and field testing - Building the conceptual model
Recommendations for near-surface hydraulic testing/case study


BREAK (20 minutes)


Phase II Site Characterization - Deep Sub-surface Methods

Drilling/Coring to minimize sample and formation disturbance
Sample collection and logging
Borehole instrumentation for in-situ sampling and testing
In-situ testing methods
Subsurface methods/case study

Modeling of Recharge System Performance

Motivation to model
Analytical vs numerical models, one-dimensional vs multi-dimensional models

Design and Operations Considerations

Key Planning/Design Data
Operational Considerations
Maintenance considerations
Strategies for optimizing performance


Presented by:

Michael Milczarek
Program Director
GeoSystems Analysis, Inc.
3393 N. Dodge Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716

Mike Milczarek has 25 years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing vadose zone, hydrogeologic and geochemical studies. Groundwater recharge experience ranges from managing or participating in over 30 groundwater recharge feasibility studies, designing and implementing an innovative groundwater recharge/sediment removal riverbed filtration study, evaluating and modeling recharge in riparian habitat restoration areas and designing and implementing investigations on stormwater capture and recharge in ephemeral streams.

Adam Hutchinson
Recharge Planning Manager
Orange County Water District
18700 Ward Street
Fountain Valley, CA

Adam Hutchinson is the Recharge Planning Manager for the Orange County Water District in southern California.  He has over 25 years water resources experience.  In his 17 years at the District, he has worked as Director of Recharge Operations and as Senior Hydrogeologist.  He has an undergraduate degree in Geology, a master’s degree in Hydrology from the University of Arizona. He is a Professional Geologist (PG) and Certified Hydrogeolgist (CHG) in the state of California.