Presented by:

Catalin Stefan and Ralf Junghanns, Junior Research Group INOWAS, TU Dresden, Germany


The objective of this workshop is to introduce to audience the INOWAS DSS, a decision support system containing a collection of free, web-based simulation tools for planning and management of managed aquifer recharge applications.


During the workshop, the participants will learn how to use the INOWAS DSS platform. Some selected tools will be presented in detail and, with the help of presenters, the participants will be able to solve small assignments using the INOWAS DSS tools. The web-based toolkit contains tools grouped in three categories of various complexities based on empirical, analytical and numerical equations:

  • low complexity: databases and tools derived from data mining such as the global MAR portal or a tool supporting GIS-based MAR suitability mapping;
  • medium complexity: simple tools based on analytical equations including the estimation of groundwater mounding beneath an infiltration basin, several tools for the assessment of saltwater intrusion, estimation of travel time through an unconfined aquifer, calculation of SAT basins area, estimation of pumping-induced river drawdown etc.;
  • high complexity: MODFLOW-based tools for setting up and calculating a groundwater flow model, including user-friendly scenarios management and analysis.


PowerPoint presentations will be used to introduce the INOWAS DSS platform and the individual tools that will be used during the workshop. The participants will sign-up/log-in to the web-based platform and solve different assignments with help provided by the presenters. All participants are requested to bring their own laptop (Wi-Fi enabled).