Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRA) was involved with the development of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) legislation and took a leadership role in its implementation including development of Groundwater Sustainability Plan regulations, best management practices (BMPs) and guidance documents prepared by the Department of Water Resources.  As the state’s leading organization for groundwater professionals, GRA recognizes the vital role GSAs will play in the local management of groundwater resources and we are poised to provide meaningful support to all GSAs through our technical leadership and educational programs and forums.  GRA welcomes GSA representatives to join the organization and take advantage of the benefits of membership. 

Representatives from GSAs are charged with collaborating to achieve groundwater sustainability consistent with SGMA.  Taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by GRA will help make that happen.  We welcome GSAs to GRA!

Representatives of GSAs can join GRA at the Government Rate of $100, a $25 discount off of a Regular Individual membership. 

Membership Benefits include:
• Discounts on GRA Symposia, workshops, webcasts and branch meetings
• Access to presentation slides for past GRA symposia and workshops
• Access to GRA “Members Only” membership directory
• Free Access to all GRACasts produced over two years ago
• 75% off the 30-day rental rate of GRACasts between six months and two years old
• Exclusive Members-Only networking events

In addition to these great benefits, as part of GRA’s outreach to GSAs we are offering a $100 discount to each of the following GRA events:


June 6-7, 2018

First Annual Groundwater Sustainability Agency Summit

GRA is planning the First Annual GSA Summit for June 6-7, 2018 in Sacramento, with a slightly different GRA format to serve as a forum for GSA members to network and connect on technical and policy issues to address SGMA compliance. Summit sessions will have 1–2 topic-focused presentations followed by 4–5 brief “flash” presentations by GSAs to provide information on their approach to addressing each specific topic.


Sept 25-27, 2018

First Annual Western Groundwater Congress

Don’t miss GRA’s new, “super-sized” annual conference – the Western Groundwater Congress.  This three-day, four-track event promises to be the premier technical conference focusing on Western groundwater quality and resources.  In addition to world-class technical presentations, there will be talks on important upcoming legislation, sustainable groundwater management, and practical hands-on workshops.


To become a member of GRA, simply go to and choose Individual Member. Complete the form and under “Select membership Classification” Choose Government Employee (voting) - $100.00.

Please make sure to fill in the name of your GSA when asked if you are a GSA Representative.

You can choose to pay via check or credit card; if you choose the credit card option, you can opt-in to the Auto Renew program, a new hassle-free way to make sure you never lose your GRA member benefits!

Once your membership is active you can register for any of the above events at the Membership Rate – then use the Discount Code GSA2018 to apply your $100 GSA-representative discount.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to GRA staff at